About Me

I was born into a middle class mexican family that crossed the boarder for a better life in the united States. I was named after my grandfather on my mom's side, I never met him. My family consist of my Mom, dad and older brother. We live in California. The California life has treated me great, i have met poeple that will always stay in my life and people that have made the expierience here great. Like any other california kid, I love to skate. Cruising around the beach is really relaxing and trying stuff at the skatepark is major fun and my favorite past time.Skateboarding is the one thing that i am passionate about and will never stop doing in my life.

I currently work at a fast food place named Raising Canes! I have been working there ever since it opned up and im happy working their, the people I work with make the job really fun and its something im grateful for. I consider myself i quiet person, really easy to talk to, layed back and logical somethng i think people dont have these days, logic. Logic is also the name of my favorite rapper. Some of my favorite foods include wings, pizza and pasta. Anyways thats enough about meon this page.