Skateing is something Im really passionate about, and its the only activity i will never say no to. Skateing is an activity thats calms me down and makes me feel happy. its very therapeutic. Skateing also gets me frustrated. Not being able to land a trick i know i can land is one of the most frustarting things ever while skateing. That feel when you finnaly land it tho is unbeatable. The sound of the board is something i really like about skateing. The sound the wood makes when it hits the concrete to pop an ollie is unforgetable, and the first time i saw an ollie it mesmerized me.

My favorite skater is Kyle Walker/Skater of the year 2016! Kyle Walker's style and board control is something that i aspire to have when i hone my skateing skills. I hope to get sponsored one day and meet a lot of pros!