My Favorite Things

Some of my favorite things include skateing, buffalo wings, video games, dogs and sleep. World of warcraft and league of legends being the favorite games Buffalo wings is my favorite food, the ones from wingstop, any other are ok, but wingstop is A-1. I could live off their wings alone, they are that great. I love dogs, Huskys and german shepards are my favorite breed. I hope to own a husky in the future. Who doesnt love sleep? sleep is the greatest thing and sometimes needed more than often.

My favorite games are World of Warcraft and League of Legends. I started playing WoW in the 5th grade when my brother made me play for him and i was hooked instantly. Leveling up to 60 gaining new spells and abilities, making my charecter look cool and get stronger is an expierience i will never forget. My brother also got me into League of Legends. I first started playing in season 2 and havn't stopped playing since then. League of Legends is also the culprit for taking my money.